Tuesday, March 15, 2011

with four hands we burned a giant heart in wyoming during an eclipse on the winter solstice

Scavenging, walking, eating, swimming, hiking together. Our practice revolves around the communication we have with one another as we face hostile or uncomfortable environments. For this exhibition, we are exploring how to bring our outside world in.

Gallery 148, like any traditional gallery space, is unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory for us. Its structure and inaccessibility strongly contrasts with the spaces we use for our art-making. This became more and more apparent as we subjected ourselves to a selection process, a timeline, and can-use/cannot-use materials lists.

We’ve been working in spaces and with materials that do not lend themselves well to gallery use. Unable to import fire, lakes, ice formations, mountains, urine, and abandoned lots, we find ourselves forced to transpose these experiences and share them in other ways. With documentation, collections, and artifacts of our actions, we entered into a new dialogue within another uncomfortable environment. These tensions, compounded, causing a certain amount of vertigo for us both, have resulted in works that reflect our desire to be careless when we have no choice but to care.

We have stood out on cliffs, throwing up middle fingers to the height below us, and we have intensely feared falling. We work quickly, ritualistically, and sometimes with an aggression that seems unwarranted.

uncomfortable unwelcome

safe unsafe

the basketball team

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