Friday, July 9, 2010

away team: orphaned

Every Single Person asked JJJJJJ to help us carry lots of heavy things up to a ridge in the Canyon. He broke half of the water balloons on the way up, but he was the only one upset. After we reached the top, he decided to leave, and we stayed to do what we felt like we needed to do with all these heavy things. He went into town, had a friend follow him up in a car to give him a ride back, and hiked up to the ridge again to give us his car keys. JJJJJJ left again. We climbed to the top of the cliff and called to ATVers swimming in the creek below. They didn't hear us, so we climbed down to the base of the cliff and sat in the cave wondering if we should leave JJJJJJ's car keys where they were or use them to drive back into town. Every Single Person decided to use them. The hike down was steep and difficult, and in retrospect making a couple of trips would have been safer. We got poison ivy and scores of mosquito bites because our hands, occupied with heavy lifting and injury-prevention, could not swat them. When we got to the bottom, we put everything down and laid in the creek until the mosquitos started biting us again.

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