Friday, April 30, 2010

We are primarily concerned with our relationship to the Everyday, meaning the rituals and systems we are subjected to or create, both willingly and unwillingly. Yet, even as we construct rituals for ourselves, we are aware of our position as receivers of cultural constructs. We live in a hierarchically organized patriarchy, we are conditioned consumers, and we've lived the power dynamics at play when we got picked last in gym. This is our way of dealing. We've slowed down our worlds, making rituals and collections from arbitrary materials, and organized horizontally instead the hierarchical model we've been given. The ladder is both resistant and dysfunctional; the basketball-shorts material is both object of worship and worthless object. The soil and wood have been collected and intricately bundled; the vessels have been carefully molded from egg shells, holding nothing.

sophie weil & christine peterson

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